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Our 2003 Bid

This document represents a summary of our progress organizing the 2003 Warpstock meeting in the San Francisco Bay Area. The information in this document will lead us to making a formal bid to the Warpstock board by February, 2003. The bid is loosely connected with BayWarp, an informal OS/2 and eComStation user group.

The top items today are to fill the vacant positions on the committee, and to begin choosing a location. We need to consider the ability to get to the meeting location from some airport, and it would be nice if it was possible to get to the location on mass transit. We need to have reasonably inexpensive lodging, and some really good computer networking. We need to have a small amount of exhibit space and a few meeting rooms. We need to provide a location for the Warpstock social event(s).

We have established a mailing list at warpstock@baywarp.org, and you can subscribe by sending e-mail to majormajor@baywarp.org with a message body that says subscribe warpstock.

The Warpstock board has designated John W. Edwards to be our contact person for any Warpstock related questions. A general guide to preparing a Warpstock bid has been provided . An article I found interesting, "What Hackers Can Learn From SF Fandom", is here: Here are the committee positions. Each position is chosen to ensure that the burden of putting on Warpstock does not fall too hard on any organizer. The committee members are:

  • (vacant) - Event Chair
  • Neil Waldhauer Event Co-Chair
  • Paul Lazaga Exhibitor Coordinator
  • Robert Kuropkat Speaker Coordinator
  • Samuel Little Facilities Coordinator
  • Wm D Loughman
  • Gilbert D Lopez Registration Coordinator
  • Jerry Garren Volunteer Coordinator
  • Joe Suttle
  • (vacant) - Network Coordinator
  • (vacant) - Publicity Coordinator

    We still need to fill the vacant positions.

    Date: Oct 18-19, 2003. This date was chosen to not conflict with the Jewish Holidays.

    Proposed locations:

    San Francisco

    San Jose at the airport (San Jose Doubletree Hotel) -- the Doubletree Hotel in San Jose has high-speed Internet connections available in the (some?) conference rooms, but also that they apparently charge quite a bit for it. BayCon, the local Science Fiction convention, usually pays to install and remove their own lines. The advantage is that it is very close to the airport, with a free shuttle that stops across the street from the hotel; the restaurants there are decent (but not outstanding), though Sunday brunch is quite nice, and they're a short walk from a Denny's and the light rail on First Street.. The smaller conference rooms of the first floor on the North Tower would probably work quite well for our needs....

    A San Jose area location but not at the airport chosen to be less expensive Expected turnout:

    last year, Warpstock had 130 paid attendees.

    Local Meeting location:

    If we need a face-to-face meeting, we need to do it at a location that has transit. Here is the suggestion: in Sunnyvale at either RoundTable or the Indian Restaurant at the old Town & Country (since renamed) center by Sunnyvale Town Center (also since renamed)....

    This is the state of things today. I'll continue to pull all of your suggestions together. There is a lot to put together for the bid, but split ten ways, it comes to just a few hours per month each. If we do it, then Warpstock 2003 will be local and we will all get to go.

    The San Francisco Bay Area OS/2 User Group