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Logo Programming for OS/2

During our September meeting, Neil demonstrated StarLogo on OS/2. The StarLogo compiler actually runs on Java so is available for any platform with a Java Runtime Environment.

The environment is a bit beastly on the resources to run. Neil's laptop with 128 Meg of RAM would occasionally freeze while the JRE garbage collector cleaned house. But once it was done, the program would start running again. Just keep that in mind if you want to give it a try.

I have not yet had a chance to try it myself, but hope to give it a spin soon. When I do, I'll add a bit more detail to this page on setup, sample code and other assorted bits and bytes. If anyone else would like to try it out and give me some feedback, I'll add it to these pages. You can reach me at robert-kuropkat@attbi.com or just post a note to the email list and I'll pluck it out of there.

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