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SysBench for OS/2

Benchmarking systems is quite the pastime amongst the technology crowd. We seem to be obsessed with the numbers only PhD's in Engineering can understand. Benchmarking our own systems would seem even more futile. After all, we all ready bought the machine didn't we?

Regardless, there is no reason to let this industry past-time go on without you. At our September meeting, Neil demonstrated SysBench for OS/2. Currently at version 0.9.4g, it can be found at http://www.os2warp.org/Sysbench/

Installation is nothing more than unzipping it to a directory of your choosing. It is then available to run.

The tests (if you run all of them) will take about thirty minutes. The results can be viewed on screen as well as saved as a file in plain text or html. Some of the tests will take a few minutes to run and SysBench will give no visible indication it is running. So you will just need to wait. Below is an image capture of the display as well as the results of the full system test on my 800 MgHz AMD.

For those who wish to brag, either about the power of your latest greatest or the fact you are still successfully using a "vintage" classic. Send your results to me at: robert-kuropkat@attbi.com. Do a save as HTML and save as TEXT and send me both files for each PC you would like to show off. For those of you with a digital camera, send me a picture as well and I'll post it all.

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