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NetBeans Programmers Editor

If you're looking for a new programmers editor or IDE (Integrated Development Environmnet) you can run on any platform, then you might take a look at Netbeans. Deomonstrated at our September meeting by Neil, this is the latest Java based IDE from Sun Microsystems.

It's written in Java, which is why it runs everywhere you can get the Java 1.3 Java Runtime Engine (JRE). Of course, that also means it will likely take a bit more resources than that old copy of Visual Slick Edit for OS/2 you got off eBay.

It comes with an OS/2 specific launcher created by the Java Essence group at http://os2.walkabout.org/java/. This group has a variety of other Java on OS/2 information as well as discussion groups.

There is one aside however. The launcher creates a VERY long command line to invoke the IDE. As such, you will need a third party command interpreter that allows such. The standard OS/2 command line interpreter limits command lines to 254 characters.

Neil demonstrated the IDE using command interpreter created by Jonathan de Boyne Pollard which can be found at http://homepages.tesco.net/~J.deBoynePollard/Softwares/cmd.html,

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