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OS/2 Museum, West

Several BayWarp members have pooled their OS/2 collections, and others have made contributions. The resulting collection has been cataloged in a database and is presented online.

Link: OS/2 Musuem West

Contributions to the OS/2 Museum, West are welcome. We are looking for someone to store and maintain the catalog the collection. If you would like to have the experience of holding most of OS/2 history in your hands, please consider volunteering. The collection weighs about 1000 pounds and will not fit into a VW Golf.

Combining so many users collections of old OS/2 items resulted in some duplicates. They are for sale on eBay ( http://search.ebay.com/?sass=neilwaldhauer&ht=-1 )

Other OS/2 Museums are here:
OS/2 Museum by Michal Necasek in Europe.
Warpstock has a collection presently located at InfoAge, in New Jersey ( http://www.infoage.org/exhibits/vintage-computers )

credits: Operating System/2 is a trademark of IBM Corp.

The San Francisco Bay Area OS/2 User Group