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Digital Camera Cards and OS/2

Ed Brink brought three PCMCIA cards, one compact flash and two smart media.

The Compact Flash, a Lexar Media, www.digitalfilm.com, with 12 MB media, was easily read by both Robert Kuropkat's and Neil Waldhauer's computers.

Neither Smart Media card worked in either computer. The Ratoc Smart Media Adapter came up as I/O in PC Card Director. The Digital Flash Film Smart Media PC Card almost worked, but the dir was not accurate, and OS/2 complained that EAs were not found. Chkdsk /f did not help. Refresh Removable Media did not help.

This means that we do not yet know how to read the Smart Media Cards that Ed's Camera uses.

I'm hoping we can follow up on this topic later, when we get some more information about the cameras and the cards that they use.

The San Francisco Bay Area OS/2 User Group