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Meeting Shorts for December 2003

We demonstrated not one, but two digital cameras at the meeting. One attached via a CF adapter for PCMCIA bus, and the other attached via a 6-way USB card reader.

We showed the camera on USB using the usb resource monitor, and it was not a mass storage device. We talked about the feasibility of using SANE to gain access to the camera. We also talked about the feasibility of writing software using Markus Montowski's USB library to access the camera. Such software would open up pretty much all cameras that currently don't work with USB on OS/2.

We also showed off NetDrive again for people who didn't see it the first time. NetDrive showed my home computer's shared drive at the meeting, and we were able to watch a movie clip stored on my home computer.

We also showed JSyncManager working with a Palm Pilot over a serial connection. We were able to backup and restore the Palm database. If anyone has a Palm with a serial connection, they are invited to come to the January meeting to check it out.

Next meeting, on January 27, we will attempt to do IRDA networking between two infrared equiped laptops. Anyone who has any IR networkable devices is urged to contact this list before the next meeting.

Happy holidays everyone!


The San Francisco Bay Area OS/2 User Group