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Meeting Shorts for May 2003

Warpstock was a big discussion item. Several ideas where discussed and will be passed on by Neil to the Warpstock discussion list.

Several dubious and scurrious fellows made slanderous comments relating to the fact the Baywarp web site was getting out of date and had not seen any updates lately. These same cowardly individuals took advantage of the fact the site maintainer was absent and thus ignored his many other gallant efforts such as mowing his lawn and updating his bottle cap collection.

As a new topic, which actually brings together some of our other topics past, we started discussing small business issues. Since many members of the group have small businesses, this has pretty immediate value. I'd be willing to suggest this may be a good idea as a central topic we always keep on our list. Even if you don't have a small business, being anything of a power user (as most OS/2 users are) we all still have many of the same issues such as networking, Windows, Unix, Mac and even Mainframe interaction, web sites and the whole thing.

Further, as many of us are using Windows, we reflected that the OS/2 device driver situation has improved substantially since 1998, and the Windows situation has deteriorated substantially, to the point where there are now quite a few devices that work better on OS/2 and eCS. Ed Brink asked on the email list for specific examples. I think this and an accompanying article would be a very useful thing. Anyone want to take on the task?

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